Sunday, 12 June 2016

A Prayer for Orlando

Passionate God, Fierce Indwelling Love,
whose hunger for peace and justice
extends through the heights and depths of Creation.

We cry out for peace and respect in a violent world,
we commit ourselves to unconditional love.
We stand in furious solidarity with queer people
in Orlando and around the world,
and ask, ‘How Long, O Lord?’

O Fierce Indwelling Love,
may your passion for justice, mercy and love
make us unafraid of the other within,
and joyous in our celebration of your Rainbow People.

Through the One whose Love
Knows no limit, whose mercy is unbound, Jesus Christ. Amen.

RM 12.06.2016


  1. Thank you. Using it as part of our prayer station in Coventry Cathedral today.