Tuesday, 31 May 2016

New Readings for the Visitation


Luke 1.39-56

To be old is one thing. To be old and pregnant is another. I’ve learnt to live with the first. I’m trying to get used to second. I think I’m becoming adept at the impossible.

I shouldn’t have been surprised then by what happened when Mary arrived.

She was barely showing, but I knew all the same. More than that.
I felt our common cause. I felt our bond in heaven and earth.

Do women have special knowledge? It’s always sounded ridiculous to me. But sometimes when we are alone, away from the noise of men, we find our own wisdom.

And Wisdom was always female. And the Spirit too.

When Mary walked over the threshold I felt my baby kick inside. It wasn’t the first time, but it was still a shock. I was still getting used to the impossible.

And when my baby kicked he woke something in me. I stopped sleeping and saw the Spirit’s part in all this. I saw how the Spirit was with Mary and the Spirit was with me.

That the Spirit had blessed us both.

Ours was an extraordinary blessing. A Trinity of Love – of Mary, the Spirit and me. A new glory coming to birth through us.

 MARY (ii)

Luke 1.46-55

And on that day when I sang - that day I met Elisabeth –
I sang of how my body was full of God,
and my spirit rejoiced in the Spirit and all her works,
for she was with me in my poverty and in my riches.

And I sang of how, even if I am nothing to the power-brokers,
if to them I am just a woman, just a child,
the Wild Justice of God had blessed me and holy is her name.

And I sang, and I sang, of her mercy – of how her mercy
will be lavished on those who dare to rejoice in her awesome love,
who dare to oppose the mighty and greedy,
from everlasting to everlasting.

For she has shown the courage of women and the toughness of mothers
and scattered the arrogant and overbearing.
She has upturned the thrones of the powerful and exalted the nobodies;
she has fed the starving and has shown her fury towards the mean and selfish.
She has remembered her people who walked in the desert,
she has remember our ancestors,
according to her promises to Sarah and Hagar, Ruth and Naomi, Deborah and Jael
and their descendants forever.

 From: 'A Star-Filled Grace' by Rachel Mann (Glasgow: Wild Goose 2015)
Available to buy in physical and e-formats here.