Friday, 28 March 2014

Having fun on Radio 2

I'm really chuffed to be contributing to the current tranche of 'Pause For Thought' on BBC Radio 2. For night-owls, my thoughts can be heard on Wednesdays during both the Janice Long &, on repeat, in the Alex Lester Show for the next eight weeks.
I'm especially chuffed that this week I managed to mention my dear old mum, ahead of Mothering Sunday, & also talk bit about God as Mother. Though, as you will appreciate, it's not easy to do theology in two minutes!
If anyone wants to 'listen again', this week's contribution can be found on iPlayer during Wednesday's JL & AL Shows. It crops up c.1 hr 34 mins in Janice's show & 1 hr 29 mins in Alex's show. For some reason Janice's stand-in calls me Rachel Parry. But I assure you, it's me.