Friday, 31 May 2013

New Project

Evening thrillseekers!
A very quick post to tell you about my new, very silly project. Over at I shall be blogging an old novel of mine chapter by chapter over the coming weeks. I wrote Thirst at the height of the vampire fiction craze c 2009 but it has never quite seen the light of day. My agent hawked it around the bazaars and it got close to being picked up but ultimately never made the cut. No doubt this was partly because it wasn't that good but also because it is rather odd.

Thirst tells the story of an Anglican priest, Beth Priestley, who gets caught up in some rather shady and bloodthirsty events in and around Manchester, Oxford & London. As Beth's blood-lust increases can she maintain her morality and faith? Indeed, does she even want to?

I hope you will go and take a closer look. I'm yet to get to grips with the differences between blogger & wordpress but hopefully I can iron those out in due course.
Currently there is a prologue and chapter one up. If you go and take a closer look the prologue is available in the archive.
Have fun & do feel free to take the mickey. In many ways I think Thirst has a lot of strong points, but it was also my first attempt at a full length novel.

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